If you are an OEM and want to offer services in addition to your products, you will certainly need a software that will manage your connected products and allow digital servitization.

For this type of software, you will face with the choice “Make or Buy?”.

You may be tempted to choose “Make”, considering that a proprietary solution allows more control, lower costs or having 100% of the intellectual property of what you develop. However, by choosing “Make”, you will have to face some relevant issue, like:

  • Lack of experience and internal knowledge regarding servitization, with the risk to waste a lot of energy, falling into avoidable errors, and solving problems already solved by others.
  • High development and set-up costs, resulting from the lack of experience and knowledge mentioned above.
  • Release times often inadequate compared to the desired timing, with the risk of getting a result too late.
  • Maintenance costs to ensure the quality, reliability, and evolution of the system.
  • Scalability of the solution according to the growth of the business (100, 1.000, 10.000 connected products), also on a worldwide scale.

The advantages of “Make” do not always overcome these problems. Furthermore, a “Buy” solution could also guarantee the same advantages: control of the solution, sustainable costs, and the intellectual property of the solution.

Leaving aside initial costs and times that could be sustainable for you, if you want to undertake the servitization journey, the most critical part to consider, once the product is connected, is how to create services that can evolve over time, while remaining competitive, up the delivery of a “Product as a Service”.

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