The Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School this year is hosting the 1st World Servitization Convention. It will be held in Birmingham, from September 14 to 16.

For many years ASG has been organizing the Spring Servitization Conference, a conference dedicated to servitization, with an academic approach. However, servitization is gaining more and more interest also from the business world.

For this reason ASG decided to host an event dedicated to the industrial community.

“Our goal is to create a central, well organised, highly regarded and neutral platform, where industrialists can engage with their peers to advance their understanding about servitization and advanced services. We want to provide a forum centred around exhibits and demonstrations of advanced services and the technologies that enable them – very much setting out to bring servitization alive, showing what it can look like for a business, and the technologies and practices that enable success.” (Tim Baines, head of the Advanced Services Group)

Why you should attend

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