We are delighted to announce a partnership with AI solution provider SamsonVT.

This partnership will allow you to easy access to SamsonVT’s AI-empowered anomaly detection solution SamsonBASE through a new plugin available in our SaaS.

You will be alerted when SamsonBASE detects anomalies in your sensor data, which may indicate that the health of your machine components are deteriorating. Moreover, Servitly will send actionable insights that will enable you, your customer, or any other stakeholder you define, to carry out pre-planned maintenance on machines, and fix problems before they reach the point of failure.

Stefano Butti, CEO of Servitly, said:

“The manufacturing market is fast embracing the concept of servitisation – and shifting its attention to after-sales services. This has brought a new level of focus on how manufacturers can keep their machines performing to a high level for longer and guarantee uptime, while at the same time minimizing costs and risks.

We are delighted with this partnership because it complements our offering and helps our customers make progress in that direction.

Servitly is an application software, dedicated to all stakeholders of the “Product-Service” system. It has all the UIs, workflows, data and information management functions they need. The transformation of raw data into information is at the foundation of the system. At this level Servitly’s capabilities are based on declarative logic, which allows you to map what is already known.

AI allows you to go further so you can uncover correlations and patterns, and make predictions. That’s why we designed Servitly to be as easy as possible to integrate with AI solutions.  

SamsonBase’s AI-empowered intelligence identifies where a problem is likely to happen before that problem materialises. Servitly brings this information to the appropriate person.

Taking action to resolve this will save companies huge amounts of money on repairs and ensure working environments are never brought to an unexpected standstill. This will help manufacturers to lower the cost of aftersales care, and keep customers happy and loyal.”

Sam Burgess, CEO of SamsonVT, said:

“The partnership represents a big step forward for the manufacturing industry as it is helping to make anomaly detection an accessible solution for all.

Anomaly detection has been on the agenda for manufacturers for a long time but only a few of the biggest OEMs have been able to implement these solutions. This partnership will now be able to meet the demand for a cost-effective solution that can be implemented with ease – without disrupting manufacturing processes.”