Servitly keeps growing, here are some features we have recently added to help you build the connected service your customers want.

  • Algorithm-based metric
  • Product hierarchy definition
  • Thing grid widget
  • Template inclusion
  • Maintenance registry on location level

Algorithm-based metrics

We have added a new type of metric, called Algorithm Metric.

The definition of an algorithm metric. A new feature available in Servitly since July 2021.

This type of metric allows you to periodically run any Python script and store the result. The Python script can receive as input any metric already defined in Servitly. The result is a metric that can be used like any other to generate insights, activate alerts, suggest advice, compile reports, or trigger an external webhook.

Through this function you can harness all the expressive power of Python to write your own data science algorithms.

These will be extremely helpful in developing the functionality at the core of your DPSS system: transforming data into information and actions.

For example you could use this feature to compute:

  • a prediction of a numeric value in the future (e.g. forecasted level of ink in the next 15 days)
  • the time when a future event might occur (e.g. the remaining useful life of an engine, or the expected date of the next required cleaning)
  • the suggested action following a recognized condition
  • the health index (from 0 to 100) of the machine
  • the performance indicator of the machine
  • the energy efficiency index of the machine

Product hierarchy definition

You can now organize the thing definitions of your product catalog in a hierarchy.

The definition of the product catalog hierarchy. A new feature available in Servitly since July 2021.

You can define product families, product series, product models (you can add as many levels as you need) and define thing definitions by inheritance.

This feature greatly helps you to speed up the rollout of the DPSS system to your entire product catalog and maintain consistency over time.

Thing grid widget

We have added a new widget, called Thing Grid Widget.

An example of Thing Grid Widget. A new feature available in Servitly since July 2021.

You can use it at Location or Customer level to show information from multiple machines at once. Information is organized into a dynamic and responsive grid, where each cell is filled with a template defined at product level. Templates can be different for each thing definition. Thus, the widget renders its content dynamically, depending on the machines that are visible in the context in which it is applied.

The grid is responsive and automatically distributes content in rows and columns in a harmonious way.

Template inclusion

You can now include a template into another template.

In this way, you can define common UI parts once and reuse them where needed.

This feature saves you a lot of time in defining your UI and helps you keep it consistent over time.

Maintenance registry on location level

For those of you who need to manage plants instead of individual products, you can now use the maintenance registry also at Location level.

In this way technicians can have an up-to-date record of the maintenance performed on the plant, including notes, timing, and type of maintenance done.

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