We are a software vendor, our job is to provide our customers with a SaaS that empowers them to offer connected services to their customers.

We are committed to the continuous improvement and enrichment of our software. We feel satisfied when customers express their appreciation.

But what motivates us even more profoundly is knowing that we are contributing to a revolution. The transition of the manufacturing industry towards a service culture and economy, or in one word: servitization.

We love servitization for many reasons, and you should too!


Aren’t you frustrated when you buy a new appliance or machine but fail to get the most out of it?

In the end you get lower performance, availability, efficiency or quality of work than it could achieve. You don’t get the value you expected.

A result-oriented service, on the contrary, has as its first objective the creation of value for you. The means, the product, is of secondary importance to the result.

This new type of offer generates more satisfaction and well-being because, in the end, your need is not to an appliance or a machine, but to get its outcome.


We are human beings.
We are wired for relationships.

A result-oriented service establishes a long-term relationship between the provider and the receiver. The receiver feels he can rely on the provider. The provider will work to keep his customers happy and satisfied.

A relationship is much more valuable than a single purchasing transition, for both parties.


Aren’t you frustrated when the appliances or machines you own get old and you are forced to throw them away?

Or, even worse, when you realise that what you have bought is designed to be obsolete within a few years?

A result-oriented service goes beyond this perverse logic and aims to make the life of the machine as long as possible.

Even better if the service also includes end-of-life disposal and recycling of its components.

to serve

“to serve = to help achieve something or to be useful as something”.

To be useful, to help achieve something, in the end, this is what generates value and satisfaction. That’s why we love servitization!