Servitly Customers

Many leading manufacturing companies across multiple industries are already using Servitly to enable their connected services offerings and build their competitive advantage

Take a look at some of our favorite Servitly case studies

Sito Domino Printing

Domino Printing is a manufacturer of industrial printing equipment and inks, serving global producers of foods, pharmaceuticals, building products, automobiles and components.

Domino Printing is using Servitly to implement “Domino Cloud”, the IoT-enabled digital system enabling its connected services offering. Servitly software manages Domino Cloud’s data storage, analysis, workflows and User Interfaces.

Edincare Pump is specialised in the manufacture, project design, sale, commission, service and repair of pumped drainage solutions: packaged pumping stations, waste water pumping systems, floor mounted pumping stations, rainwater harvesting systems.

Servitly is used by Edincare Pumps to offer its customers “Aqua365”, a real-time monitoring service and an online portal allowing to check the current condition of the pump system and immediately alert customers and keyholders about any fault condition. All this contributes to increase the value proposition for customers and to generate a new revenue stream for Edincare.

Claind is a leading company in the production of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero-air generators.

Servitly is used by Claind to implement and offer “Claind4You”, a digital service offered as a standalone service or in bundle with a full risk maintenance contract. Claind4You allows machine operating conditions monitoring, remote control, condition-based maintenance and failure prevention. Claind4You also compute all the KPIs needed to prove the product and service effectiveness. Claind4You is delivered through a portal available both to the customer and the third parties involved in the maintenance of the generator. This allows Claind to maximize the value delivered to customers while decreasing service costs. Claind4You is the first step in the transformation of Claind’s business model towards the equipment-as-a-service paradigm.

SIAT, part of the M.J. Maillis group, is a leading company in the production of machines for secondary packaging: case handling units, stretch wrappers, strapping systems.

Thanks to Servitly, the company offers its customers “Opti RUN”, a real-time monitoring and control service that allows to avoid downtime, optimize consumable usage, easily manage recipes, while increasing performance and jobs quality.

Mondial Forni is a leading company in the bakery oven industry. With more than 70 years of experience, it designs and produces superior quality baking systems featuring innovative functions aimed at guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use and low consumption thanks to their high performance.

Servitly is supporting Mondial Forni to enhance the value proposition delivered to its customers: artisan bakeries and pastry shops, supermarket chains, bakery chains and semi-industrial laboratories. Thank to Servitly, Mondial Forni delivers to its customers a digital service allowing them to maximize oven energy efficiency, cut operating costs and extend its useful life.

Baxi is a leading company in the production of residential, professional and industrial heating systems.

Servitly is used by Baxi to let Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) deliver and sell “Baxi at your side”, a premium boiler maintenance service. The digital service allows TACs to perform remote monitoring and configuration, thus preventing blocking failures. This results in a much more valuable service delivered to the customer and a new revenue stream both for Baxi and TACs. Servitly SaaS is also the back-end of the Mobile App used by end users to monitor and program the comfort in house. Finally, thanks to Servitly, Baxi’s R&D department can analyze the real performance of installed products and understand customers’ usage habits.

Intellilight is a division a provider ohardware systems and software for remote control, remote management and energy monitoring of heating systems, water, electricity and lighting technology.

Servitly is supporting Intellilight to enhance the value proposition delivered to its customers: municipalities, utility companies and lighting service companies. Thank to Servitly, Intellilight delivers to its customers a digital service allowing them to optimize lighting costs and cut maintenance activities of large lighting systems.

CB is a manufacturing company of cooking equipment such as electric cooking appliances, spit roasters, hot and cold display cases, Gyros for the preparation of Kebabs, electric convection ovens, electric pizza ovens and leavening cells.

CB is using Servitly for delivering “CB Synergy“, a digital service provided on top of their innovative modulated infrared cooking system Leonardo. CB’s motto is “Boost your business productivity with the digital transformation”. CB Synergy helps customers to remotely monitor and control the cooking system, manage recipes, schedule and optimize cleaning operations.

LAE is a world leading manufacturer of electronic controls for professional and commercial refrigerators, blast chillers and freezers, dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners and compressed air dryers.

LAE has integrated its electronic control systems with Servitly. This integrated hardware-software system considerably cut the time to market new digital services by refrigeration OEMs. The system enables equipment condition monitoring, remote configuration and HACCP-compliant reporting. Digital services are offered to end users and all third parties involved in maintenance activities, thus increasing the value proposition for the customer and decreasing service costs.

Lemonbeat is a provider of innovative IoT-based hardware and software for consumption and condition data monitoring for the energy and housing industry.

Lemonbeat is using Servitly to offer its customers a complete Smart Building solution, including hardware and software. The solution allow to monitor and remote control many different types of devices: heating systems, pumps, gas meters, electricity meters, elevators, doors and gates.


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