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CB Synergy and Valko Synergy by CB: how to increase product sales by 40% per year through a new service offering

In recent years, the concept of “Industry 4.0” has revolutionized the way companies approach production and industrial process management. In the Food & Beverage industry, too, new challenges and opportunities are emerging for equipment manufacturers. So, to meet the growing demands of their Ho.Re.Ca. customers and remain competitive in the market, they have equipped their products with advanced technology, including the Internet of Things.

CB Synergy and Valko Synergy: the CB and Valko Digital Services

The CB Group, a leader in the professional kitchen equipment sector with its two brands CB and Valko, has also decided to respond to the growing demand, coming mainly from large retailers. It has been starting to equip its products (especially ovens, roasters and vacuum cooking equipment) with IoT connectivity, allowing customers to access the main information about their products.

Understanding the value of data and the opportunity generated by connected products, CB created CB Synergy and Valko Synergy. Synergy is a simple and smart service that can connect a customer’s product to advanced monitoring management software and allow remote control of one or more products located also in different areas. It provides customers with previously inaccessible variables (e.g., consumption, production, work cycles, critical factors), enabling them to optimize their products or fleet of products usage, reduce energy consumption and mainly to get the most out of their kitchens.

CB Synergy and Valko Synergy: Products Performance Monitoring

CB and Valko customers who choose Synergy have access to real time information about how they use products in terms of distribution of the various phases of cooking and washing, recipe management, energy consumption, consumable status, general efficiency and historical information.

They can monitor the performance of CB and Valko products through a dedicated customer portal and receive immediate alerts in the event of product failure or need for consumables related to the wash phase.

With Synergy, CB has therefore defined a new offering model based on the combination of products and services, which allows it to gain a significant competitive advantage over its competitors, while at the same time creating new revenue streams. By recognising the value of Synergy’s services, customers are willing to buy them.

Not only that. This information is also used by CB to monitor the entire product fleet, reduce diagnostic time, optimize service delivery and further improve customer relations and sales opportunities.

Through Synergy, we provide our sales team with a more comprehensive and market-conscious solution to improve the relationship with our customers, decreasing customer churn” - Simone Mauri, Responsabile Operativo Ufficio Tecnico CB - ”The ability to set up new services in an autonomy and quick way - as recently realized with the monitoring of consumables related to the wash phase - also promotes the development of new sales channels in an really short time to market”.

Servitly DPS to support Synergy

To enable CB Synergy and Valko Synergy, CB chose Servitly. Servitly is a Digital Product-Service (DPS) system configurable that leverages IoT data from connected products and gives all your product-service stakeholders (CB internal team and customer) the digital capabilities to obatin the information they need.

Servitly includes the perfect mix of common, built-in capabilities and specific, configurable functions that make up competitive advantages.

Thanks to a no-code approach and a powerful administration console through which we can map raw data, define KPIs and algorithms that are useful for extracting valuable information from the data and define interfaces, Servitly has enabled us to quickly configure and make unique our DPS and our new product-service offering” - said Simone Mauri - “Servitly let us to focus only on the key levers that build your competitive advantage, rather than wasting your time and budget in low level implementation details”.

A long term project

CB will continue to develop new services to support new offerings based on the product+service combination, relying on software like Servitly that is feature-rich and, above all, constantly evolving.

What about you? How are you using the data generated by your connected products to grow your business with a unique and distinctive new offering?

Discover the impact of Servitly on your business.


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