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DPS system: make or buy? Visit us at SPS Italy to make the right choice

Are you adopting the best software solution to build your DPS system?

We understand that, in your servitization journey, selecting the software enabling your connected services offering is one of the most critical choices you face as an OEM.

For this reason at SPS Italy you can find a demo area providing you with all the necessary elements to understand which software solution best fits your needs.

What will you find at the Servitly demo area?

You will experience the process of collecting real data from our connected prototype machines and creating a DPS system. We will support you in defining events, insights, automations, actions and any other software capabilities that enable your connected services offering. Together, we will define the best Pay-per-X business model for your new service proposal.

Whatever your starting point is, visit us at Pav. 6 - Booth F066.

Looking for more tips?

Don't miss our speech, "From IoT to Connected Services: How Schnell Leveraged Machine-Generated Data to Create New Value" on May 24th at 11:45 a.m. in the District 4.0 Area.

Discover how other OEMs have successfully implemented servitization projects and quickly achieved tangible benefits.

Insert DNV8AM Friend Cards code for free parking and free coffee at the fair.


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