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Ensure the delivery and quality of your services activities with new data-driven Insights

We are introducing Predefined Insights to enable you to extract more value from your product data. These insights will cover a variety of topics, including connectivity, availability, health, productivity, and more, to provide you with synthetic information, that you can use to improve and accelerate your decision-making process.

For example, as a Service Manager, you can use insights to quickly identify customers who need attention and improve their satisfaction. As a Technician, you can quickly identify the root causes that impact product health and productivity and take action to resolve them, reducing the time and cost of service activities.

Connection Index Insight

Your DPS relies on data that connected products send to the cloud. Keeping this data up to date is critical to the delivery and quality of your digital service.

Lack of complete data can lead to operational inefficiencies, missed remote updates, or worse, machine downtime due to inaccurate decisions and delayed notifications.

Connection Index is the first of the Predefined Insights we are introducing and it provides views of product connection status that meet the needs of different users.

Service Managers rely on Connection Index to have aggregated information about connection status, both by time frame (last 30 days, lifetime) and by business entity: product, location and customer, to monitor whether the foundation on which their service strategy rests is robust.

For Technicians, Connection Insight is complemented by detailed information useful for understanding the reasons for a low connection index and preventing poor service quality or product disconnection.

Customers Operation Managers view Connection Insight to identify connectivity issues and resolve them, if possible, without involving the service department.

Ready-to-use templates are available to speed up the Connection Insight visualization.
It's also possible to define new templates from the Console by using any widget supporting metric data loading.

Untitled (3)
A ready-to-use template bundled with Connection Index Insight that can help Technicians understand the reasons for a product's connection status. It shows the Connection Index and more detailed information such as the timeframe of disconnections, signal level, etc.

Weighted Average

When you have a lot of data to monitor, you may need a concise view of several insight. Weighted Average Insight is the weighted average of other insights and represent a synthetic value to be monitored.

The importance of this Insight lies in its ability to provide a clear and quick view of a complex situation, allowing users to focus their attention on what really counts.

The Machine System Status of a pump is shown by displaying Insights related to the filter pump cleaning status, the level of maintenance performed on the machine and its connection status. This tool is used by Service Managers to understand which products need attention.

For example, Service Managers may combine indicators related to topics that are relevant to them, such as connection index, health of a component (e.g. filter of a pump) and maintenance. Operation Managers, on the other hand, may be more interested in efficiency and productivity and use different weights depending on the topic.

What about you? How are you enhancing the data generated by your connected products to create new value for you, your customers and your partners?


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