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New widgets to save time in analyzing product performance

These customizable widgets, configurable through the Servitly Console, provide users with a concise view of product performance, helping them save time analyzing product data and defining their operational strategies.

Benchmark widget

You can leverage the new Benchmark widget to conduct benchmark analysis. This tool allows you to compare a product's performance with others of similar characteristics for the same customer, or even a customer's performance with the performance of other customers.

A set of properties is selected to create a cluster of objects with similar characteristics. A bar graph will display the distribution of objects based on the value of the comparison property and highlight where the current object ranks.

mceclip0 (1)

This chart showcases the monthly frequency of bakings of a specific oven, providing a comparison to other ovens of the same model for a single customer. This useful information allows, for example, the operations manager to understand whether the performance of one product is similar to the other or whether there are anomalies that deserve attention.

Metric State Diagram widget

The new Metric State Diagram widget is designed to effectively display the exact moments when a metric entered a specific state over the past seven days. With this tool you can instantly identify instances such as product disconnections or when the measured temperature exceeded a predetermined threshold (e.g. HACCP).

This widget displays the offline status of a device, indicating disconnections.

This tool is useful for a Technician investigating the causes of frequent disconnections .

mceclip0 (2)

Micro Chart widget

Our new Micro Chart widget is a sleek and dynamic way to show trends in data without the clutter of axes, grids or legends.


The widget above shows the trend of the number of bakes over the last 30 days. This is useful, for example, for the Operations Manager to compare the performance of the product with the past. The label shows a specific value on a specific day.

Value widget

The Value widget showcases the value of insights and statistics and aggregates data from various sources such as things, locations and customers. It has been graphically revamped to improve the user experience. Now, it showcases metrics in a box, effectively emphasizing the gravity of the situation while also drawing attention to any notable increases from previous values.

c2NyZWVuc2hvdHxWYWx1ZQ== (1)

In the example above, the Value widget allows you to instantly view the temperature of an object at a specific time, as well as the change from the previous reading. It serves as a valuable tool for Service Managers and Technicians to closely monitor the condition of a machine and quickly identify any anomalies.


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