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Why do manufacturing companies build and implement DPS systems?

We have recently embarked on a research initiative with Ibbaka, a leading company in value-based models and strategies. The goal is to understand the value drivers that prompt OEMs like you to build and implement a DPS system and how we can address them with our software.

As part of this activity, we are collaborating with Ibbaka on a survey addressed to all OEMs that are exploiting a digital system to offer their connected services.

The collected data will help us shape our product roadmap to be closer to our customer and market needs and assist them in designing, implementing, and managing their own DPS systems effectively.

People responding to the survey will receive a summary of the results and will have the opportunity to benchmark their DPS against other manufacturers.

tf you are interested in receiving the summary, share your opinion taking this four-minute survey and contribute with your valuable insights to the results.

After receiving the report, you will have the opportunity to benchmark your DPS, getting ideas on where to improve or receiving confirmation on which aspects of your DPS are distinctive.

Please, feel free to share the survey with your colleagues to gather as many inputs as possible. The survey will be open until July 28th.


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