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Servitly Console is coming. Join the waitlist!

Get the autonomy and control you desire to build your DPS system.

Over the past few months, we have been working on creating the Servitly Console.

What's the Servitly Console?

It is a separate application that allows you to configure your DPS system and will replace the old "Administration" menu in the Servitly environment.

We have redesigned the menu to cover all the typical phases in the process of configuring a DPS system. With the new Servitly Console, you can easily build and configure your product's digital twin, feed your service intelligence engine through insights, alerts, actions, automations, as well as compose all the user interfaces of your DPS system.

Here is how it looks like:

Why the Servitly Console?

We designed the console with a clear goal in mind: to provide you with a clear and understandable DPS development process and an easy and enjoyable user experience. 

Only in this way you can become truly autonomous and master of your DPS system and focus of what is important for your business: deliver and manage the connected services your customers want. 

Have we succeeded? Well, you will tell us whether we did or not  :-)

Don't miss the chance to be among the first to try out the Console and create your DPS system. You will have free access to all Servitly features for 3 months without any limitations.

The waitlist will be open until July 15th. After this date, we will stop accepting new requests and release the environment to all contacts who joined the list.


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